A Range of Advanced Composite Reinforcements That Are Available Across Industries and Specialist Applications

Advanced Composite


Tricel Composites can supply a range of Advanced Composite materials in our UK depots which are available for immediate dispatch.

Our Carbon, Aramid, Kevlar, and Hybrid fabrics are sourced from the highest quality manufacturers and go through vigorous batch testing by our in-house technical team for full tracibility.

Pre-preg fabrics are also available with a carbon weight from 200g/m2 – 600g/m2 and a total fabric weight of 370g/m2 -1230g/m2  in a plain weave and a twill weave. Our pre-preg fabrics have a higher strength to weight ration and less wastage, offering a consistent thickness across the part.

We have adapted our range to suit the needs of our customers regardless of industry. We supply advanced composite reinforcements to the automotive, marine, manufacturing and transport industries to name but a few.

Detailed below is a list of some of the advanced composite reinforcements on offer by Tricel Composites. If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tricel Composites Advanced Composite Materials

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    Carbon Fibre Fabrics

    Carbon fibre is a plastic reinforcement substance made of thin carbon atoms bonded together in crystals and woven to create material that is five times stronger, stiffer and lighter than steel. It is frequently employed in vacuum moulding and used in hand lay-up processes as well as with epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester resins.

    Benefits include:
    • High strength to weight ratio
    • High chemical resistance (when used with epoxy resins)
    • Conductive
    • Tolerant to excessive heat
    • Low thermal expansion

    Available in: 0.15mm – 1.96mm, and 92g/m2 – 1330g/m2 in plain and twill weave

    Kevlar Fabrics

    Kevlar is a synthetic fibre from the aromatic polyamide family and offers high strength, high modulus, toughness and thermal stability. As Kevlar gets spun into fibres, the polymers (resin) create a crystalline-arrangement with the polymer chains, parallel to the axis of the fibre. As a result, creating a high fracture toughness. This exceptional toughness is one of the many reasons why the marine and construction industries regularly employ the use of Kevlar.

    • Impact resistance
    • Low weight
    • Scratch resistant
    • Heat resistant

    Available in: 60g/m2 – 46g/m2 weights and 0.095 – 0.64mm on plain weave Twill weave and End Satin Weave

    Hybrid Fabrics

    Our hybrid fabrics are for use in both decorative and structural fibre properties and consist of a combination of carbon, fibreglass, Kevlar (Aramid). Carbon fibre/Kevlar hybrid fabrics offer the stiffness and strength of carbon fibre as well as the impact and fracture resistance of Kevlar.

    The material is used often in high-performance, and high-impact applications, making it ideal for a range of marine and automotive applications.

    • High strength
    • Tolerant to high levels of heat
    • Multi-application use
    • Fracture resistant

    Available in: 164g/m2 – 256g/m2 weights and 0.26-0.39mm on both plain weave and twill weave.

    Our Fibreglass and Kevlar hybrid fabrics offers an increased stability to a standalone Kevlar fabric. Offering good resistance to weathering, these fabrics are popular in the marine industry.

    Available in: 1000 width, 390g/m2 weight 0.44mm in a Twill weave.

    Vitech Coated Fabrics

    Our Vitech coated fabrics are ideal for a range of sanitary and automotive products and often employed used as skin materials for non-structural honeycomb panels. They come in sheets that are 2.5 mm thick and in a variety of weights, colours and warp fibres.

    • Glass, Carbon/ Kevlar and Carbon fibre coated fabrics available
    • Infinite out-life
    • Easy bonded

    Available in: 200 -1250 widths, Plain or Twill weave, in glass, carbon/ Kevlar and carbon fibre weft fibres.


    We offer a range of carbon fibre and Kevlar tapes in narrow widths for, localised reinforcement., creative applications and finishing or edging. Usually edges are woven to stop the carbon coming apart.

    Available in: 0.15mm – 200mm widths. On a 200 – 1000 g/m2 weight. With glass, carbon or Kevlar weft.

    Pre-preg Fabrics

    Pre-preg (pre-impregnated) fabrics are employed where minimal weight is required and is used commonly in the automotive, marine and sporting industries. Due to the resin being applied precisely to the fabric by machinery, the ratio of resin to reinforcement is consistent regardless of weave pattern or fabric weight. Pre-preg ideally has to be kept at sub-zero temperatures; the product shelf life is dependent upon the storage temperature

    Benefits include:
    • Maximum reinforcement – less resin = higher strength to weight ratio.
    • Less wastage
    • More aesthetically pleasing
    • Consistent thickness across the part.

    Available in: total fabric weight 370 – 1230 g/m2 with a carbon weight from 200 – 600g/m2 in plain and twill weave.
    Cure time will differ dependent on the resin system used with reinforcement.


    Kisling provides high-strength low odour methacrylate and epoxy-based structural adhesives, anaerobic adhesives, instant adhesives, hybrid polymer adhesives and sealants, as well as RTV silicones for a variety of applications.

    ergo.® adhesives are designed for bonding components with different expansion coefficients that must withstand high thermal and dynamic stresses. Mechanical surface abrasion, such as sanding, grinding and sandblasting, improves the surface properties for bonding. Higher temperatures (up to about 50°C) increase the cure speed. These two-part adhesives can be used on metals, ferrites, plastics, and ceramics to bind two substrates of the same, or different, materials.

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