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Acetone is a naturally occurring compound chemical. It begins with the raw materials Benzene and Propylene which are used to form Acetone. Cumene is produced upon mixing both the Benzene and Propylene and when oxidised becomes cumene hydroperoxide. This mix is then further split into Phenol and Acetone.

It is worth noting that although Acetone is a naturally occurring compound, it is highly flammable. Great care should be taken when storing and using Acetone.

Aside from Composites, Acetone is widely used across a variety of industries and product ranges.

Cosmetic Industry

Bulk Acetone Supplies are widely used in the cosmetics industry in products such as nail polish/gel/nail extension remover.


Acetone is used as a degreaser to ensure the substrate is free from contamination before proceeding with the next phase of the manufacturing.

We have supplied Bulk Acetone Supplies into Composites Manufacturers, Boat Building, and Automotive Manufacturing operations.

Acetone also evaporates very quickly. This makes it ideal for removing uncured materials from tools, glass, metal, ancillaries, and machinery.


Acetone is sometimes used to control oil spills by preventing the spread of oil in water.

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