A Range of Reinforcements and Woven Fabrics That Offer Exceptional Strength When Combined With Our Resins



Our woven fabrics and reinforcements are used in conjunction with resins to produce our composite materials to create products that are resistant to water, heat, physical and chemical damage

Our Fabrics are available in a range of quantities, sizes and weight across; glass, carbon and natural or synthetic fibre.

With a strong network and the ability to source high-quality raw materials from the world’s leading composite brands – we can offer you the right technical solution for your business.

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Glass Reinforcements

Glass is one of the most common reinforcement materials in composites and comes in multiple formats including; Chopped Strand Mat, Woven Rovings, and Woven Glass Cloth. We also offer e-glass which can be used with epoxy resins.

Carbon Reinforcement

Our Carbon, Aramid, Kevlar, and Hybrid fabrics are sourced from the highest quality manufacturers and come in a range of weights, patterns and sizes. All of our products go through vigorous batch testing by our in-house technical team for full tracibility.
Mostly used in the automotive, marine, moulding and transport industry because of its light weight and superior strength.

Fibre Reinforcements

Natural and synthetic fibres are known for their high performance but with a lower weight, and often better performance than their glass counterparts. You can find out more about natural composites in our blog. 

These components are generally based on polypropylene resin and natural fibres are considered preferential over glass and carbon materials based on price, weight, reduction and recycling.

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Emulsion Bound Mat
Our Emulsion Bound Mat is suitable for both polyester and vinylester resins. It is quick to break down so that the mat can be easily laminated by brush or roller. Best suited for Mould making and laminating but is not suitable for use with epoxy resins as it cannot break the binder.
Powder Bound Mat
Our Powder Bound Mat is designed for use with epoxy resins, using a powder based binder for moulding or laminating. This mat can be used at high temperatures and is compatible with polyester and vinylester resins. A good all round mat if you use different resins.
Chopped Strand
 Chopped strand are pieces of glass strand filament cut into small pieces (3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm) Chopped strand can be used to sprinkle into tight corners or obscure shapes where a void may be apparent behind a gelcoat. Alternatively, they can be mixed with resin and filler to create a paste for filling voids in laminate and moulds.
Rovings are continuous glass filaments wound onto a reel that can be unwound and applied by direct application in a filament winding, pultrusion, sheet moulding compound or by spray gun application. Roving offers a good quality and strand integrity, excellent wet out, good dispersion and spread and
Woven Roving
Woven rovings are bi-directional fabrics made by interweaving direct rovings to creates a higher performance reinforcement. This is used to increase the strength and stiffness of laminate and is usually used between layers of fibreglass matting and is widely used in HLU but can be used in robotic manufacturing processes.  It offers a fast wet out for high productivity, good mould adaptation and increased and uniformed laminate strength.
Continuous Filament Mat
Continuous filament mat is made from randomly orientated continuous glass filaments of e-glass fibres which are held together with a binder. With a good dimensional stability, and excellent wet-out capabilities, continuous Filament Mat is compatible with unsaturated polyester, epoxy, phenolic or polyurethane resins and can be used in resin transfer moulding, vacuum processes and plaster moulding.
Surface Tissue
Surface tissue is a very fine matting that can be used to give a smooth finish on completed laminates. It can be used mainly to cover the coarse finish that chopped strand mat can sometimes leave. Our surface tissue is designed to be soluble when used with polyester and vinylester resins but can also be used with epoxy resin when necessary.
Carbon Fibre / Kevlar
Our Carbon and Kevlar reinforcement provide high performance, for high-impact applications across marine, automotive, building and moulding industries.

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