A wide range of sealants and adhesives to compliment any composite project



Sealants and Adhesives

We have worked with the UK’s best chemists and engineers to create a range of products suitable for a range of composite materials.

All of our sealants and adhesives are created in a purpose-built building with temperature-controlled mixers which can produce up to 30 tonnes per month, whilst also producing bespoke batches with the same controlled accuracy. All our sealants and adhesives are manufactured right here in the UK in strict accordance with ISO 9001:2015  and available for next day dispatch.

With over 60 years in the composite industry and technical experts based in the UK, our staff are always on hand to offer our customers the best advice to ensure you are using the most appropriate products for your business, to maximise production capabilities whilst looking to minimise costs and wastage, find out more about this with  our Technical Support.

To find out more about our products, or to speak to a technical expert, request a call or send us a message.

Tools and Ancillaries

Methyl Methacrylates

Our Methyl Methacrylates include a range of adhesives that include structural adhesives, toughed structural acrylics, Automotive Grades, Marine Grades, UV Stable in a range of strengths that are can be specified in a range of colours, as UV stable or low odour.


Cyanoacrylate contains ethyl, methyl and butyl-based products. These bases are blended to get the best possible performance. They can be used to bond arrange a wide range of different substrates.


Our Anaerobic products include pipe-sealants, thread-lockers, thread-sealers, and retainers. Every product in the range is manufactured in strict accordance with ISO 9002 and we have a wide range of products that are Military, Water and Food Safe.


Our range of epoxies combines traditional chemistry with advanced performance allowing these products to excel in the latest applications. These are available in a range of viscosities and colours and offer cure times between 3 – 45 minutes.

UV Curable

Our advanced range of UV Curable products are suitable for glass and metal assemblies and provide the ultimate visual clarity. These products have a range of viscosity from 250 cps – 150,000cps and include a polycarbonate bonder and a structural glass to metal bonder.


Our acrylic product range is free from methylene chloride and phthalate free which provides a high strength clarity which is easy and safe to use. Available in both single part and two-part kits with a high strength, high viscosity option.


Our methacrylate’s can be used with metals, plastics and composites for the ultimate impact, tensile and peel strengths. These products are available in 1:1 and 10:1 and offers a range of characteristics including; a clear flexible fast cure, an ultra-high strength, high temperature resistance, ultra-flexible and low shrinkage

White MSDS Sealants and Adhesives

Our White Label anaerobic products are ISO 9002 compliant and include; thread lockers, thread sealers, retainers and pipe sealants. These products also offer; flexible fast cure, a range of strengths, viscosity, and temperature range.

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