Epoxy Resin Suppliers UK

Quality Epoxy Resin and Hardeners for Decorative Applications available throughout the UK and Ireland
Epoxy Resin Suppliers UK

Tricel Composites are proud to be one of the biggest Epoxy Resin Suppliers in the UK. We supply a quality range of Epoxy Resins for the trade industry and wholesale. Our Epoxy Resins are ideal for decorative purposes including river resin tables.

Epoxy resin has undergone huge growth in recent years and is a must-have product as part of bespoke furniture. We have interior and furniture designers from all over the UK and Ireland who use our Epoxy Resin range as part of their manufacturing processes. It is perfect for creating or adding decorative elements to furniture or interior design.

Our two Clear Epoxy Resin Systems are highly durable, clear and manufactured to the highest quality.

Quality Epoxy Resin System Suitable for a Variety of Depths

TriCast Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin System

TriCast is a two-component Epoxy Casting Resin System with high transparency suitable for deep and shallow castings.

The system is available in single pours up to 10mm (TriCast 10) and single pours up to 50mm (TriCast 50).

We are offering 50% extra free on all kit sizes of this product.


Product Advantages

  •  High transparency
  • Low viscosity
  • Self-degassing behaviour
  • Single pour casting up to 50 mm (TriCast 50) & 10 mm (TriCast 10)
  • Good UV resistance
  • 50% extra free

Tricel Composites 16B10620 Epoxy Resin System

16B10620 Epoxy Resin System is a solvent-free low viscosity composition that creates transparent and highly aesthetic coating intended for manufacturing decorative elements in furniture and interior design.

This product is available with a choice of two hardeners depending on the depth of pour required.


Product Advantages

  • fully transparent finish
  • enables smooth decorative surfaces
  • can be easily pigmented
  • possible to create layers up to 4 cm thick
  • mechanical resistance
  • chemical resistance

Epoxy Resin Sizes and Pricing

As one of the leading Epoxy Resin suppliers in the UK and Ireland, we are able to offer a wide range of sizes in both the base resin and hardener.

Size options available TriCast 10 & TriCast 50 16I562O Epoxy Resin System (50% Extra Free)

  • 1kg kit – 1.5kg for the price of 1kg
  • 5kg kit – 7.5kg for the price of 5kg
  • 10kg kit – 15kg for the price of 10kg
  • 20kg kit – 30kg for the price of 20kg

Size options available Tricel Composites 16B10620 Epoxy Resin System

  • 16B10620 Base Resin: 1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 50kg, 200kg
  • 66B10620 Hardener A: 1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 40kg, 180kg
  • 66B11620 Hardener K: 1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 40kg, 180kg

We maintain strong relationships with our global manufacturing partners to secure the best Epoxy Resin pricing in the market.

Depending on the volume required, we can offer extremely competitive pricing for your business requirements.

Get a quote today from our friendly team of Epoxy Resin experts.

We offer next working day delivery throughout the UK and Ireland once orders are placed before 12 pm.



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