A Range of Resins That Are Available Across Industries and Specialist Applications


Our Gelcoats are usually applied to a moulding surface to provide a protective exterior layer to laminate.

We offer an Orthophtahlic, NPG, Isophthalic and Tooling Gelcoat and all of our Gelcoats can be pigmented to a vast range of colours and will mirror the gloss levels of the mould it is used on. All of our gelcoats can be used in brush and spray applications.

Our gelcoats are supplied into the Moulding, Automotive and Construction industries. Using our product expertise and exceptional technical knowledge we can help you find the best gelcoat for you.

Detailed below is a list of some of the gelcoats on offer by Tricel Composites. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Orthophthalic Gelcoat

Our orthophthalic gelcoats are manufactured using thixotropes, surfactants, pigments and accelerators to improve the durability of components. They also have the dual ability to promote a good aesthetic finish.

Isophthalic Gelcoat

Isophthalic acid type base gelcoats are used to make a superior water and environmental resistant part. These gelcoats have superior blister resistance and toughness when compared to orthophathalic based gelcoats. Our Isophthalic Gelcoats also offer better gloss retention, ultraviolet (UV) stability and usually lower styrene emissions than orthophthalic gelcoats. Isophthalic Lloyds approved gelcoats are available.

NPG Gelcoats

Our NPG based gelcoats and skin coats offer better resistance to blister formation than our Isophthalic acid propylene gelcoats. They have a higher chemical and heat resistance. Suitable for all industries but most commonly used in the marine industry.

Tooling and Vinylester Gelcoats

Our tooling gelcoats differs in that it can cure to a much harder surface than regular gelcoats types, meaning that it can be polished to a higher lustre.

Vinylester gelcoats provide maximum resistances to chemicals and solvents. Owing to its high deformation temperature, this type of gelcoats is suitable for parts when used with high peak exotherm resins or when there is a requirement for post curing. This gelcoat is ideal for when there is a necessity to reduce cracking. Corrosion resistance guides are available upon request.

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