Premium GRP Roofing System for the Flat Roofing Industry

TriRoof Fibreglass Roofing

TriRoof is the premium range of Fibreglass / GRP Roofing materials for the flat roofing industry. We have sourced the best composite roofing materials for our TriRoof brand which can be used for any flat roofing structure. Once applied, these roofing materials will be easy to clean and maintain with very little maintenance required. 

All components are available to order individually or as part of all-in-one complete roofing kits.

Detailed below is a list of all products in the range. If you would like to become a TriRoof customer or stockist, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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TriRoof Guaranteed Roofing Resin

Lloyd’s Approved Roofing Resin

The TriRoof Lloyd’s Approved Roofing Resin is a pure, zero blend, 100% Polyester Roofing Resin. This premium Resin is certified and tested by Lloyd’s register which has been subject to vigorous testing. It offers fast wet out of fibreglass chopped strand matting, saving time and increasing efficiency.

As this resin is completely pure, you will be guaranteed the highest-quality every time. Each product is batch tested for full traceability and compliance.

TriRoof Guaranteed Roofing Topcoat

Standard Roofing Topcoat

The TriRoof Standard Roofing Topcoats are a weatherproof, finishing layer for fibreglass flat roofs. Specifically formulated for roofing, these Topcoats are easy to apply and cure to a tack-free finish.

Standard Roofing Topcoats are available in a Light or Dark Grey finish.

Non – Guaranteed TriRoof Products

Flex Roofing Resin

The TriRoof Flex Roofing Resin is another premium Resin for fibreglass flat roofing applications. It is formulated with additional flexible additives which will aid thermal flat roof contractions and expansions.

This resin offers great flexibility where required, fast wet out of Fibreglass Chopped Strand Matting and excellent adhesion to OSB3 Boards.

Fire Retardant Roofing Topcoat

The TriRoof Fire Retardant Roofing Topcoat has a fire rating of EXT.F.AB according to BS476 part 3:2004. It has been specifically formulated for fibreglass roofing applications and is pigmented to Dark Grey 18-B-25.

Once, cured this Topcoat will ensure high weather resistance and provide an easy to clean and maintain finish.



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