Composite Technical Support

Our Customer Commitment

We aim to provide the Best Technical Support in the Composites Industry.
The team at Tricel Composites have experience in all areas of composites manufacturing and production. Our aim is to ensure that our customers get maximum effectiveness from their products and manufacturing techniques.

Using solid industry experience and personalised recommendations, our customers have achieved greater cost benefits on their range of composite products whilst increasing output capabilities.

As a group, Tricel have over 60 years in sourcing the best composite materials from trusted manufacturers.

Arrange an On-Site Visit

Find out what our composite experts can do for you by arranging an on-site visit. During the visit, our team will review your current processes, products and identify areas for improvement. Team product and handling training can also be arranged on-site if required.
Fill out our contact form to arrange an on-site visit and a member of our team will be in touch without delay.