TriGrip Polyurethane PU Adhesive

Multipurpose Polyurethane Adhesive for a Range of Industries

Tricel Composites provide one of the largest selections of Polyurethane (PU) Structural Adhesives in the UK and Ireland.

TriGrip is one of the strongest PU Adhesives on the market with the following advantages when compared to other brands;

  • Less sagging on application
  • Better UV resistance
  • Cold Climate CE marking
  • ASTM C920 classification in class 50 (50% Extension 50% compression)


PU Adhesive for Automotive, Roofing and General Use

Why use TriGrip Polyurethane PU Adhesive?

TriGrip 51B471B is a single component polyurethane based elastomeric sealant designed to create a high elasticity joint that has excellent fatigue and chemical resistance. This grade meets SNJF standard on adonized aluminium and mortar in category 25E. This product also carries CE marking for the following applications:

• Sealant for facade elements for interior and exterior applications usable in cold climate according to European Standard EN 15651-1 (F EXT-INT CC).
• Sealant for pedestrian walkways for interior and exterior applications usable in cold climate according to European Standard EN 15651-4 (F EXT-INT CC).

Once cured, the TriGrip 51B471B PU Adhesive has high cohesive strength, high elongation and good environmental and shock resistance.




TriGrip Polyurethane PU Adhesive

Typical Applications of the TriGrip Adhesive

TriGrip 51B471B PU Adhesive is used widely as a flexible and tough adhesive in the composite and transportation market sectors. The sealant adheres without a primer on a wide variety of substrates including Wood, Adonized Aluminum, Polyester, Glass, Concrete, Clay, Stone and even ceramic tiles. Some typical uses of the TriGrip 51B471B PU Adhesive are:

• Bonding stiffeners to GRP.
• Bonding automotive trim.
• Bonding composite panels in bus and coach construction

TriGrip Sizes

TriGrip Polyurethane PU Adhesive is available in 310ml cartridges and 600ml sausages.


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