Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser Bulk Ordering

Tricel Composites are able to supply a range of Hand Sanitisers which will protect your workforce and customers.

The formulae of our Hand Sanitiser range have been developed in accordance with the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) directives for hand rub formulations.

Our range is available from 50ml to 5 litres in gel and liquid form.

Peace of mind

Not only have we taken the guidance from the W.H.O., but we have also had our Hand Sanitisers independently tested and accredited by a third party UK laboratory.

This testing ensures we are compliant with both BS EN 1276 (with three of our concentrations) and BS EN 150.


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5 litres of 80% W.H.O Formulated Liquid Sanitiser
£29.95 ea / £27.00 ea (if you take a pallet)

Hand Sanitiser Range Details


Box Quantity

Product Details

25 5-litre W.H.O Sanitizer 80% Alcohol
25 2.5-litre W.H.O Sanitizer 80% Alcohol
55 28 ml Green Pen Dispenser 80% Alcohol
25 5-litre Gel 70% Alcohol
55 50ml Gel Pump 70% Alcohol
55 75ml Gel With Twist Top 70% Alcohol
55 125ml Gel With Twist Top 70% Alcohol


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