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Fast Cure, Low Styrene Gelcoat

In the dynamic realm of composite manufacturing, efficiency, quality, safety, and sustainability are paramount.

Tricel Composites introduces the 22A221N, a revolutionary gelcoat engineered to meet the evolving demands of modern composite applications in the UK and Ireland.

Crafted with precision and innovation, this fast-curing, low-styrene gelcoat offers a range of features and benefits tailored to optimise production processes while ensuring superior performance and environmental responsibility.

The Importance of Low Styrene Gelcoats

As sustainability and environmental regulations continue to shape manufacturing practices, the demand for low styrene gelcoats in the UK and Ireland has surged. With a focus on reducing emissions and minimising environmental impact, manufacturers are increasingly turning to low-styrene formulations to meet regulatory requirements and uphold corporate sustainability goals. Tricel Composites’ 22A221N gelcoat aligns perfectly with these objectives, offering reduced styrene content and minimal emissions, thus promoting a safer work environment and reducing ecological footprint.

Enhancing Safety Practices

The safety aspect of choosing low styrene products cannot be overstated. Styrene, a key component in traditional gelcoat formulations, is associated with health risks, including respiratory irritation, skin sensitisation, and potential carcinogenicity. By opting for low-styrene gelcoats like the 22A221N, manufacturers mitigate these risks, ensuring a safer workplace environment for employees.

Reduced styrene emissions during application and curing processes minimise exposure levels, protecting workers from potential health hazards. Furthermore, Tricel Composites’ commitment to formulating low-styrene products reflects a proactive approach to safety, prioritising the well-being of employees and fostering a culture of health and safety within manufacturing facilities.

Features and Benefits:

Tricel Composites’ 22A221N gelcoat stands out for its:

  • Fast Curing: Accelerated curing times streamline production processes without compromising quality, enabling UK and Ireland manufacturers to meet tight deadlines with ease.

  • Superior Resistance: With good resistance to gloss loss, surface yellowing, UV, and water, this gelcoat ensures durability and longevity in diverse environmental conditions.

  • Low Styrene Content: Engineered with reduced styrene content, it minimises emissions, promoting a safer and eco-friendly work environment.

  • High Reactivity: The gelcoat exhibits high reactivity, facilitating efficient application and enhancing overall productivity.

  • Sag-Resistance: Its high resistance to sagging ensures uniformity and consistency in the application, maintaining the integrity of the final product.

  • Pigmented and Thixotropic: Available in a range of colours, the gelcoat offers versatility in design while its thixotropic properties ensure ease of application and superior coverage.

  • Mechanical Properties: Exhibiting resilient mechanical properties, including high tensile strength and elongation at break, it ensures structural integrity and performance excellence.

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