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A Range of Reinforcements and Resins Suitable for RTM, Infusion and Silicone Membrane

TriJect Resins and Reinforcements

TriJect offers a broad range of resin and reinforcments that have been developed specifically for Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM), Silicone Membrane and Infusion applications.

Fire Retardant, DCPD, Orthophthalic, Isophthalic and ECO bespoke resins are formulated with lower viscosities for closed mould processes and are suitable with standard and AAP catalysts.

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Our Range

Full RTM

Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) is a closed-mould process for manufacturing high performance composite components in medium volumes. In RTM, reinforcments are positioned in a mould and then the resin, which can be Fire Retardant, DCPD, Orthophthalic or Isophthalic can be injected through a vacuum or pressure.
RTM parts are typically smaller than traditional Hand Lay Up and Spray up, but it offers a significant reduction in styrene emissions. RTM also allows better positioning which can result in the more strength and stiffness at critical spots to obtain high fibre loading and higher mechnical properties as a result.

Light RTM

Light RTM offers more flexibility in the types of resin and fillers that are possible and a range of different fibre contents.
The benefits of LRTM are better cosmetic finishes, faster cycle times and and less variation in part thickness, compared to hand lay and spray-up techniques. LRTM is recommended for products with high-strength to weight requirements or moulds that could cause die-locks on rigid mould surfaces.

Silicone Membrane

Silicone membrane offers a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to Nylon bagging. Silicone membrane can offer an improved component finish when compared to hand lay or spray-up and can be completed without long training courses.

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At Tricel, we strive to achieve the highest standard of quality with every undertaking. This includes all individual projects elements such as organisations, production processes and customer service. Our bespoke capabilities also include all aspects of design, delivery and build. We pride ourselves in producing high-quality results, and due to this have been employed and utilised by many of today’s leading industry brands.


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All Tricel Composites products are tested and certified to stringent industry standards.

60 Years in Business

Tricel Composites is part of the wider Tricel group who have over 60 years’ experience in the composites industry. Experienced in all aspects of the composites industry from design to manufacturing and ditribution.