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A complete range of Tools & Ancillaries to complement any Composite Project


We offer a range of tools to help you complete your work safely and effectively. Tricel offers a complete package of tooling systems from plug manufacture through to mould making and with over 60 years in the composite industry and technical experts based in the UK, our staff are always on hand to offer our customers the best advice to ensure you are using the most appropriate products for your business, to maximise production capabilities whilst looking to minimise costs and wastage.

To find out more about our products, or to speak to a technical expert, request a call or send us a message.

Abrasives are suitable for manually sanding applications to smooth surfaces prior to application of polishing compounds. Our Wet & Dry Sandpaper combines excellent sanding performance with flexibility to access all shapes and contours, with a good tear resistance.

For use in laminating, trimming, casting in any setting, our range of Protective and handling equipment will ensure your work is prepared and executed safely.

Our surface primers are available to apply using both brush or spray application and are used as a base foundation for the composites application. Surface primers are also available in sanding or standard gloss.

Tooling pastes are an easy solution to producing plugs at a quick pace. It can be machined back in order to create the desired shape. From that point, it is ready for application of surface primer and the creation of the mould. This eliminates the need to use heavy traditional tooling boards such as MDF, Uriel and Epoxy.

Tricel offers a range of mixing, moulding application tools; laminating rollers, handles, refills and brushes in a range of sizes and quantities. Our rollers and brushes can be cleaned with acetone after use to be reused if required. Small orders can be placed on our online shop. Alternatively, contact the Sales Team for more information.

Why Choose Tricel

At Tricel, we strive to achieve the highest standard of quality with every undertaking. This includes all individual projects elements such as organisations, production processes and customer service. Our bespoke capabilities also include all aspects of design, delivery and build. We pride ourselves in producing high-quality results, and due to this have been employed and utilised by many of today’s leading industry brands.


Surpassing customers’ service expectations ensures the constant improvement and growth of our business. Each customer is appointed with an experienced composites account manager to ensure their requirements are listened to and delivered.


On-time delivery is a core requirement of our business. We use a network of specialist couriers to ensure your delivery arrives on time.


All Tricel Composites products are tested and certified to stringent industry standards.

60 Years in Business

Tricel Composites is part of the wider Tricel group who have over 60 years’ experience in the composites industry. Experienced in all aspects of the composites industry from design to manufacturing and ditribution.