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A wide range of Resins which are suitable for a variety of industries and specialist applications
Tricel supplies a variety of resins at each of our locations around the UK which are in stock for immediate dispatch. Each resin is sourced from the highest quality manufacturers and subject to vigorous batch testing by our in-house technical team for full traceability. We have adapted our range to suit the needs of our customers regardless of industry. We supply resin for the marine, automotive, moulding, manufacturing, construction and transport industries to name but a few. Detailed below is a list of some of the resins on offer by Tricel Composites. If you are looking for a resin supplier near you – why not view some of our in-stock resin range, ask us about our bespoke service by contacting our team to see how we can help you?

We provide a variety of Resins around UK

Our Range

Polyester Resin

Epoxy Resin

Polyurethane Resin

Vinylester Resin

TriCure Resin


Chemical & Corrosion


Rapid Cure Multi-Layer Polyester Resin

RTM/ Injection Resin


Vinylester Tooling Resin

Fire Retardant

Epoxy Casting Resin

General Purpose


Polyester Resin Supplies

Our Unsaturated Polyester Resins are used in the Marine, Transport, Automotive, and Building industries. With two principal types used as standard laminating systems; orthophthalic polyester is considered the standard, basic, general purpose resin. It is relatively inexpensive and has a variety of uses. Isophthalic polyester resins have greater mechanical properties so are better suited for higher temperature and are more corrosive resistant. We offer a range of polyester resin in quantities to suit customer requirements ranging from 1kg to 1000kg

If you are looking to purchase resin wholesale across the UK and Ireland, why not speak to our Technical Support Team and see how we could save you up to 15% per year.


Epoxy Resin Supplies

Epoxy resins generally have a higher density that polyester resins, are more transparent and adhesive than a general purpose polyester resins. Epoxy resin can be used in industrial applications for laminating and casting and often have enhanced moisture and chemical resistance.


Polyurethane Resin Supplies

Our Polyurethane resins offer a high strength with a relatively low weight making them ideal for the automotive, transport, marine, construction and building industries. We also offer a water clear polyurethane casting resin. Polyurethane can offer a wide resilience range and strong bonding properties.


Vinylester Resin

Vinylester resins offer a better resistance to water and chemicals in comparison to Polyester Resins and also offers good handling and curing properties. It can offer excellent resistance to water and can offer excellent bonding to core materials.


TriCure Resin Range

Following on from the success of the TriCure General Purpose Resin, Tricel Composites are now offering a range of orthopthalic & isophthalic polyester resins, suitable for a range of composite applications in the construction, automotive, marine and rail industries. This range includes choices that are available with cobalt, without cobalt, with a low styrene emission and with a high chemical resistance.



Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) Resins and Casting Resins have low shrinkage and low viscosity allowing filler levels of up to 85% in polymer concrete and snap cure.

DCPD Resins are designed to give aesthetically pleasing parts with a reduced print-through. They offer a medium viscosity and a fast wet-out resin for both thick and thin laminates from 3-8mm.

DCPD offers a great mechanical bond against acrylic.


Chemical & Corrosion Resistant

Our range of chemical and corrosion resistant resins are ideally suited for any work that requires chemical resistant properties.

A Bisphenol-A epoxy vinyl ester is used for application in a corrosive environment. It is also suitable for mould construction as well as promoting chemical resistance.

Our Bisphenol epoxy novolac vinyl esters give outstanding chemical and mechanical properties, along with a resistance to higher temperatures.


Rapid Cure Multi-layer Polyester Resin

Multi-layer Polyester resins have a low styrene emission and a low exotherm temperature making them ideal for building multi-layer laminates.

RTM/Injection Resin

Multi-layer Polyester resins have a low styrene emission and a low exotherm temperature making them ideal for building multi-layer laminates.


NPG is a high-performance chemical and heat resistant resin that can be used in both hand and spray applications. It offers excellent wet out and is offered wax free/tacky for further bonds/layers. NPG Resins can be used with fibreglass and carbon.

Vinylester Tooling Resin

More corrosive resistant than both polyester and epoxy resins, vinylester resins are often used for areas that require a thermal stability and high durability, which makes them the go-to product of high-performing composites work in moulding, marine and automotive industries. It offers chemical resistance against both acids and alkaline as well as oxidising agents and heat.

Fire Retardant

Our fire retardant resins are available in a number of classes for use across a number of industries. Our fire retardant resins come in the following classes:

Class 0 / 1 – is a pre-accelerated, filled retardant polyester resin that wets out the reinforcements rapidly and is specially designed for contact moulding application and mainly used in the transport industry and in specialist contact moulding applications.

Class 2 – Is a pre-accelerated, thixotropic non UV stabilised fire retardant resin and is considered the most cost effective of the environmentally friendly unsaturated Polyester Resins. It has the added benefit of improving the mechanical performance and heat resistance of the product.

Epoxy Casting Resin

Like Dicyclopentadiene, Casting Resins have a low shrinkage and low viscosity. It is similar to epoxy in use, and you can add pigments and metal powders to change its colour. Clear casting resins can also be used for creating a water-clear glass like finish.

Resins are especially strong and durable and are great for tools and models as well as artistic and decorative jobs.

General Purpose

A wide range of orthophthalic and isophthalic resins are available with or without (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) WRAS approval or Lloyds Approval. Our general purpose resin tends to be medium viscosity resins with a variety of gel and cure times to suit your requirements in both a hand lay and spray applications.

Tricel distributes resins from the world’s leading manufacturers and these are available in clear, white or any RAL/BS colours.


We offer a range of structural adhesives suitable for use with every resin in our range. We have worked with the UK’s best chemists and engineers to create a range of products suitable for a range of composite materials.
All of our sealants and adhesives are created in a purpose-built building with temperature-controlled mixers which can produce up to 30 tonnes per month, whilst also producing bespoke batches with the same controlled accuracy. All our sealants and adhesives are manufactured right here in the UK in strict accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and available for next day dispatch.

We are also exclusive suppliers for the composite industry for Kisling Sealants and Adhesives.

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