Crystic 2-8500 PA

Crystic 2-8500 Orthophthalic Polyester Resin for Non-Critical Applications

About Crystic 2-8500 PA Polyester Resin

CRYSTIC® 2- 8500PA is manufactured by the global manufacturing company, Scott Bader.

It is a superb laminating resin designed for non-critical and industrial applications. It is one of the most popular resins available for distribution from Tricel Composites.

This resin is most suitable for hand lay-up processes and with a chopped strand matting for general reinforcement.

One of the advantages of 2-8500PA is its fast wet-out capabilities. This saves many of our customer’s critical production time and improves product efficiency.

As this resin is not Lloyd’s approved, this resin is not recommended for the manufacturing of boats.

This resin is also unsuitable for the manufacturing of products that will touch food, house potable water or require increased chemical resistance e.g. swimming pools or hot tubs.

The Crystic 2-8500 PA is a pre-accelerated, meaning it only requires a catalyst to being the curing process. It has a green/blue tinge to it and will not cure clear.

Expected Pot Life of Crystic 2-8500 PA

Temperature Pot Life
Pot life in minutes at 15ºC 42
Pot life in minutes at 20ºC 22
Pot life in minutes at 25ºC 17

Storage of Crystic 2-8500 PA

It is strongly advisable to store the 2-8500 in a cool, dark place away from UV exposure. Storage temperatures are recommended between 20ºC and 30ºC.

Ordering Crystic 2-8500 PA