Discover the perfect composite moulding materials for your industry needs with Tricel Composites. With over six decades of expertise, we bring you a comprehensive selection of products, including Glass Fabric, Glass Reinforcements, Resins, Gelcoats, and more.

As the global demand for composites surges across industries like automotive, construction, marine, sports, and transportation, Tricel remains at the forefront of innovation. These advanced materials offer unparalleled advantages over traditional options like metals or thermoplastics, providing unique design opportunities, inherent structural qualities, and remarkable production efficiencies.

Harnessing the power of composites results in exceptionally durable products, customizable to reinforce high-stress areas or craft full-piece solutions. Their corrosion resistance and suitability for harsh weather conditions make them ideal for various applications. Moreover, composites excel in maintaining stability amidst temperature variations, boasting significant torsional strength, and serving as superior electrical insulators capable of damping strong vibrations.

Numerous companies are transitioning from steel or aluminum to molded composites for diverse applications, from public transport seating to automotive body panels and beyond. This shift reflects the growing industry need to reduce weight without compromising integrity and strength.

With 16 operational and distribution hubs across Europe, Tricel serves customers in over 50 countries worldwide. Our unmatched technical support ensures you receive expert guidance and top-quality products tailored to your manufacturing requirements.

Count on our industry-leading team to assist you in selecting the optimal materials for your business and production needs. Tricel Composites is committed to delivering excellence every step of the way. Our team would be delighted to assist you in choosing the right composite moulding materials for your next manufacturing project which can be arranged with no obligation to purchase.