Choose Tricel for all your Composite Products & Supplies

Tricel has sourced composite materials for over 60 years, aiming to provide a one stop shop for composite products and supplies. We supply across a range of industries including moulding and construction. We have gained a reputation for supplying materials on time at the right price. We carry an extensive range of resin, reinforcements, catalysts and pigments which are ready for dispatch and next day delivery.

In addition, we offer pre-pigmented gel and topcoats in over 300 different colours. We can supply materials in quantities to suit customer requirements ranging from 1kg  to 1000kg.


Our Resins include; Polyester, Epoxy, Polyurethane and Vinylester suitable for a wide range of industries


We distribute Orthophthalic and Isophthalic Gelcoats in a range of grades which make them suitable for general and specialist application


We offer a range of Carbon, Glass and Specialist fibre Reinforcements  – our Reinforcements are available in a range of sizes and weights


Browse our range of Tools and Ancillaries for composite applications. We supply everything from mixing buckets to Pigments and Acetone. 

Wax and Mould Release

Wax and Mould Releases are critical to the success if any fibreglass moulding project. Tricel Composites offer a large range for next day delivery.

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