Low Styrene Resin and Gelcoat

Low Styrene Resin and Gelcoat

At Tricel Composites, we understand more than ever that our customers want to reduce the amount of Styrene exposure in their workshops. That is why we continue to invest in the Low Styrene Resin and Gelcoat ranges that we distribute throughout the UK and Ireland.

What is Styrene?

Styrene is a colourless, flammable, volatile and synthetic chemical that is commonly used to manufacture plastics and rubber. It also forms part of the formulation for many Polyester Resins, Gelcoats and general Composite products on the market today.

Taking Steps to Reduce Styrene Exposure

Each country has legislation in place to protect employees with set Occupation Exposure Levels (OELs). Although the general consensus is Styrene levels in the workplace have greatly reduced in recent times, Tricel Composites are committed to making working environments as safe as possible. This focus has shifted from not only meeting legislative requirements but exceeding them.

Working with leading Resin and Composite manufacturers, we have brought in a range of Low Styrene Resin, Gelcoats and Composite products that meet the high technical requirements needed to reduce the amount of Styrene exposure in the workshop.

Styrene emission tests conducted in our manufacturing partner’s laboratories of the Low Styrene Resins and Gelcoats provide outstanding results. Testing shows that Styrene emissions are reduced by up to 60% for Resins and up to 30% for Gelcoats when we compare the new Low Styrene Content formulations to a standard Resin or Gelcoat.

The Low Styrene Resin and Gelcoat ranges have been put through stringent testing processes and are used on a wide, industrial scale. The ranges have been adapted with existing equipment in mind and will therefore fit in with existing manufacturing techniques. These products can work for many industries including construction, marine and transport to name but a few.

The Low Styrene Content formulations have a lowered styrene content percentage and as a result, limit styrene emissions, odours and exposure in the workshop environment. Our Low Styrene Resin and Gelcoat ranges are crucial in meeting and exceeding Styrene exposure legislation requirements whilst providing the same technical performance and mechanical properties when compared to standard Resin and Gelcoat products.

What else can be done to Reduce Styrene Exposure?

Aside from alleviating exposure through the nature of the Resin and Gelcoat products, companies can work to improve ventilation systems, review application processes and mould types as well as ensuring the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is adopted by its employees.

Get in Touch with Tricel Composites

If you are looking to adopt new Resin and Gelcoat products to reduce your Styrene exposure, contact the Tricel Composites team today. Our team of technical experts are well versed in supporting businesses in using safe composite products and methods. These products and methods not only significantly help to reduce Styrene exposure but in addition support improved techniques that can improve productivity.