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There is an ongoing and ever-expanding trend in today’s construction industry, which involves the use of composite construction materials for both structural and non-structural purposes. The industry is under constant pressure to build higher, increase span distances and reduce both weight and overall costs. In order to achieve these goals, it has become necessary to incorporate the latest in advanced building materials.

The benefits of composites are wide and varied, they are extremely durable and do not rust, swell, warp or rot. These materials also have a very high strength to weight ratio and provide a much sought-after durability. Fibre reinforced composites are also employed for their provision of excellent damping characteristics and fatigue resistance.

These materials are used globally throughout the building industry for purposes such as cladding roofs and walls, duct work and ventilation, underground applications, structural components and much more. Advanced and innovative compounds also have widespread use in corrosive saltwater environments such as sea walls, decks, claddings, roofing, modular structures and railings to name but a few.

Composite materials have varying architectural applications including the development of detail features. This includes flexible and irregular shapes allowing for highly impactful and visual engineering elements. Example of this can include innovative roofing segments and entrance ways on hotel establishments, commercial buildings, leisure centres and retail structures. The use of these materials allows for an element of design freedom which is unattainable with more traditional products.

Tricel is a leading global provider of composite products with over 60 years of highly successful experience in the industry, including both manufacturing and distribution. This experience allowed for the development of a strong network targeted at sourcing high-quality raw materials from world leading composite brands which we use to deliver technical solutions to our customers.

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With manufacturing and distribution operations in 12 locations throughout Europe, we supply a complete range of products to over 50 countries worldwide. Our reputation for quality, dependability and technical expertise makes Tricel the number one choice for the supply of composite solutions.

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