Aropol M105 Polyester Resin

Aropol M105 Lloyd’s Approved Polyester Resin

About Aropol M 105 TBR Lloyd’s Approved Resin

Aropol M 105 TBR is a polyester resin with low styrene emissions and is manufactured by a well-respected composites manufacturer, Ashland.

It is an unsaturated polyester resin based on an orthophthalic acid.

This resin is approved by Lloyd’s register meaning it is suitable for use in the construction of boats.

It also complies with the requirements of ISO 12215-1 which is the industry standard for the construction of small crafts.

In terms of styrene emission, this resin performs very well when compared to many standard polyester resins. Styrene emission when using this resin is reduced by up to 50%.

Emission testing on the Aropol M 105 TBR is 2-5% of polyester resin usage. Standard polyester resins may have up to 5-10% emission rates.

Another benefit of this resin is its fast wet-out properties. It is also very easy to work with.

Aropol M 105 TBR polyester resin is pre-accelerated and only requires a catalyst to start the curing process. Metox catalysts would be the standard range of hardeners used with this resin.

Gel time for this Resin with 1% MEKP at 23 degrees Celscius is 45 minutes.

Applications of Aropol M 105 TBR

The Aropol M 105 TBR polyester resin is suitable for hand and spray lay-up applications.

Due to the low peak exotherm and low heat development when curing, it can be used to build laminate thicknesses between 3 and 15mm (wet on wet).

Storage of Crystic Aropol M 105 TBR Polyester Resin

It is strongly advisable to store the Aropol M 105 TBR in a cool, dark place, indoors away from UV exposure. Ideal storage temperatures are under 20 degrees Celsius.

The shelf life of this resin is 6 months.

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