Acetone Replacement

Acetone Replacement

Acetone is the most common solvent cleaner available in workshops today. It is a tried and test formulation that cleans and degreases composite tools effectively. It works efficiently to clean tools of uncured Resin and Gel materials.

Aside from a solvent, Acetone is also used as;

  • An additive for cosmetics
  • Nail polish remover
  • Fuel additive

That said, with all of the positives that Acetone offers across a wide range of industries, why would we write a post about the advantages of an Acetone replacement?


There are a number of disadvantages associated with Acetone.

Highly Flammable
Acetone is one of the most volatile, flammable and hazardous chemicals in a workshop that poses a threat to worker safety and that of a business in general. It has a low flashpoint which means that it will ignite at low temperatures. Acetone is therefore not advised for use near any areas which could spark ignition.

Potential Health Risks
Due to the nature of Acetone and its formulation, Acetone has the possibility to cause irritation to those who use it, particularly in the nose and throat. It can also cause moderate irritation to the eyes if put in contact. If not handled correctly, Acetone will also dry out the skin.

High-Cost vs Use Ratio
As we work our way through the Global Pandemic, the cost price of Acetone has increased significantly. This has put pressure on already rising costs for businesses. Although Acetone is extremely important for cleaning tools for re-use and degreasing areas prior to laminating, it evaporates quickly and large quantities can be used in little time.

What can be used as an Acetone Replacement?

One of the alternatives that Tricel Composites offers as an Acetone replacement, is TriKlean. TriKlean is an excellent alternative that gives an unbeatable performance for cleaning and degreasing.

We will some of the clear advantages that TriKlean can offer as a real contender to Acetone.

Advantages of TriKlean as an Acetone Replacement

TriKlean offers companies many advantages for use in their workplace.

The product is

  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Manufactured from Organic Sources
  • Eco Friendly
  • Worker Safe
  • Suitable for Polyester, Epoxy and Polyurethane Surfaces
  • As highlighted above, TriKlean offers a safe and powerful alternative to Acetone. Performance-wise, TriKlean is ten times more powerful and will last five times longer than Acetone.


Trial TriKlean for your Business

Many companies are now making the move to TriKlean. The proven benefits including worker safety and economical benefits have put TriKlean as the front runner for a safe Acetone replacement. As it can be used on the majority of Composite surfaces, it is suitable for most GRP applications.

If your business is looking to invest in worker safe solvents with non-flammable properties, we can arrange to offer you a trial of TriKlean.

Our team of composite experts are on hand to offer sound, technical advice on the safest composite products for your business.

With representatives based throughout the UK and Ireland, we would be delighted to talk you through the benefits of TriKlean directly and arrange for a trial to be conducted. Get in touch with us today!