Fibreglass Roofing Ireland

TriRoof Materials supplied by Tricel Composites Ireland

Fibreglass Roofing Ireland

Tricel Composites is proud to be leading the way as a premium partner for Fibreglass Roofing in Ireland. Here are some of the benefits which we can offer our customers.

  • 25 Year Materials Guarantee*
  • Excellent Trade Prices
  • Fast Delivery from Newry
  • Full Training Available (£95 + VAT)
  • After Care Technical Support
  • Fire Retardant Options
  • Suitable for Walkways and Balconies

Overview of the CPD Accredited TriRoof Training Course

Trainees will learn how to lay a basic TriRoof GRP Roof using our specially formulated roofing resins and topcoats
There will be a practical demonstration and participants will be given the opportunity to laminate a sample roof
Trainees will learn the health and safety, storage and handling procedures for TriRoof GRP roof materials
The course will also cover materials estimation, costing’s and other commercial consideration. If contractors have any specific projects they wish to prepare for, these can be discussed.

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    About Tricel Composites

    TriRoof fibreglass roof products are supplied in Ireland by Tricel Composites (NI), based in Warrenpoint, Newry, County Down. Tricel Composites has supplied fibreglass products from their distribution depot in Newry since 1994. They have an excellent relationship with their customers who are based North and South of the border. Through a network of couriers they supply to local and national customers quickly and competitively. Tricel Composites also forms part of the Tricel group of companies who have more than 60 years experience in the composites industry.

    Become Certified in Fibreglass Roofing Installations

    During the CPD accredited 1 day training course, all attendees will get the chance to take part in a practical demonstration at their own training station. Our experienced instructors will cover all aspects of Fibreglass Roof installations from material preparation to troubleshooting the most frequently asked questions. A light lunch and refreshments are also provided on the day.

    On successful completion each attendee will receive a TriRoof CPD certification that will enable them to offer the 25 year TriRoof materials guarantee as part of their services*. All certified attendees will also be added to the register of TriRoof accredited installers available on our website.

    *Guarantee Terms and Conditions apply

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