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TriCure GRP Roofing Range

TriCure is a reliable, cost-effective GRP Roofing System for flat roofing projects. This roofing range has been formulated for roofing, keeping quality and costs in mind.

A contractor’s system, TriCure is a cold-lay, fibreglass GRP liquid roofing system. When laid correctly it will remain watertight and maintenance-free for years.

TriCure Roofing Resin is a competitively priced resin that offers good adhesion and curing times and is viscous enough for flat and vertical surfacing, making it ideal for gulleys.  TriCure Roofing Topcoat comes in a standard Light Grey colour, is easy to apply and offers an optimum surface finish.

TriCure has been laid on domestic homes, extensions, garages, balconies and sheds and is based on Tricel Composites’ 60 years of experience in Fibreglass Roofing.

For properties that require a guaranteed system, why not try our TriRoof GRP Roofing System which offers a 25-year materials guarantee.

TriCure Resins and Topcoats are available from 5kg – 1000kg quantities and can be purchased individually or as complete kits.

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TriCure GRP Roofing

TriCure Roofing Resin

TriCure GRP Roofing Resin is a re-blended polyester resin which is suitable for fibreglass roof repairs and builds. This cost-effective resin applies easily and will adhere well to OSB T&G roofing boards. A good viscosity it offers good adhesion both horizontally and vertically making it ideal for gulley and parapits too.

We recommend for roofing that TriCure GRP Roofing resin you use 1.5kg of resin per metre squared when applying.

This product can be used for other applications such as boat building and repairs, casting and mould making where the application is non-critical.

If you have not used TriCure products before we recommend taking part in one of our Training Courses in UK and Ireland, or alternatively, viewing our FAQ’s.

TriCure Roofing Topcoat

TriCure GRP Roofing Topcoat is a budget-friendly, standard roofing topcoat. It is supplied in light-grey, in quantities to suit our customer’s requirements.

Specifically designed for roofing applications. We recommend hand lamination (using our specifically designed tools) for GRP Roofing.

In order to gain a good bond, once your laminate has cured, wipe down the laminate with acetone before application.

We recommend laying 0.5kg per square metre of your GRP Roofing Topcoat. Once cured, this Topcoat will be tack-free and weatherproof.

TriCure Moulding Resin Range

Tricel Composites are delighted to announce the expansion of the TriCure Resin Range.

Following on from the success of the TriCure General Purpose Resin,, Tricel Composites are now offering a range of orthopthalic & isophthalic polyester resins,  suitable for a range of composite applications in the construction, automotive, marine and rail industries. This range includes choices that are available with cobalt, without cobalt, with a low styrene emission and with a high chemical resistance.

 TriCure gel times range from 10 – 50 minutes, and offer a HDT between 50˚C – 127˚C. Having sourced composite materials for over 60 years, our aim is to provide a comprehensive range of high-quality resins which are ready for dispatch and next day delivery. 

 All TriCure resins can be supplied in quantities to suit customer requirements ranging from 20kg to 1000kg

Tricure Roofing Topcoat

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