A wide range of Resins which are suitable for a variety of industries and specialist applications

Resin Range
Tricel range of Polyester, DCPD, Vinylester, Epoxy, PU and PET/ECO resin are avialble from our depots in the UK and Ireland which are in stock for immediate dispatch. Each resin is sourced from the highest quality manufacturers i the UK, Europe and Worldwide and are subject to vigorous batch testing by our in-house expert technical team for full traceability.

We have adapted our range to suit the needs of our customers regardless of industry. We supply resin for the marine, automotive, moulding, manufacturing, construction and transport industries to name but a few. We offer a varying range of resins in-ctock and ready for same day dispatch, including our own TriCure Resin Range, TriJect Resins which are suitable for RTM, Infusion and Silicone Membrane.

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Resin supplies

Polyester Resin Supplies

We offer two ranges of unsaturated Polyester Resins hat are ready for same day dispatch.

Our orthophthalic polyester is considered the standard, basic, general purpose resin. It is relatively inexpensive and has a variety of uses in the building, automotive, marine and transport industries. Our Isophthalic polyester resins have greater mechanical properties so are better suited for higher temperature and are more corrosive resistant for specified jobs.

We offer a range of polyester resin in quantities to suit customer requirements ranging from 1kg to 1000kg.Our own brand resins can be found through our TriCure range and our most popular in-stock resins to the right are available for same day dispatch.

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Epoxy Resin Supplies

Our Epoxy resins generally have a higher density to polyester resins, are more transparent and adhesive than a general purpose polyester resins. Epoxy resin can be used in industrial applications for laminating and casting and often have enhanced moisture and chemical resistance. We offer a range of Marine specific options and smaller quantities are available on our e-commerce website.

Polyurethane Resin Supplies

Our Polyurethane resins offer a high strength with a relatively low weight making them ideal for the automotive, transport, marine, construction and building industries. We also offer a water clear polyurethane casting resin. Polyurethane offers a wide resilience range and strong bonding properties. Available in quantities: 20kg, 220kg and 1000kg, all of these resins can be pigmented to any colour.


Vinylester Resin

Vinylester resins offer a better resistance to water and chemicals in comparison to Polyester Resins and also offers good handling and curing properties. It can offer excellent resistance to water and can offer excellent bonding to core materials.Smaller quantites of vinylester can be bought from our e-commerce site. Or contact our technical team for pricing.


TriCure Resin Range

Following on from the success of the TriCure General Purpose Resin, Tricel Composites are now offering a range of orthopthalic & isophthalic polyester resins,  suitable for a range of composite applications in the construction, automotive, marine and rail industries. This range includes choices that are available with cobalt, without cobalt, with a low styrene emission and with a high chemical resistance.

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    H13212 TAE Lloyd’s Approved Resin is a pink pre-accelerated, thixotropic unsaturated polyester resin in styrene. It offers a low styrene emission, suitable for general purpose for Hand lay up and Spray Up.

    H13212 TAE Technical Data Sheet

    Altek R432-APE-10 Polyester resin is a promoted, none thixotropic general purpose resin. It is custom formultaed in liquid moulding process application for composite parts – excluding those in the marine sector. It offers a quick gel time and rapid wet out of glass with the correct RTM parametres.

    R432-APE-10 Technical Data Sheet

    EasyLam LSE is a thixotropic, pre-accelerated homogeneous beige resin that is suitable for spray-up and hand lay-up in industrial mouldings. Easylam offers a reduced styrene emissionduring processing and curing.

    Easylam LSE Technical Data Sheet

    H23100TA is an blueish, orthophthalic, low reactivity, pre-accelerated thixotropic resin with a catalyst indicator. It is suitable for all general purpose applications in hand lay-up and spray-up.

    23100TA Technical Data Sheet

    2-8500PA is a low styrene emission, pre-accelerated, orthophthalic polyester resin, It is general purpose and is specifically designed for non-critical and industrial applications. It is not suitable for boat construction, chemical resistance or moulding in contact with food products.

    2-8500PA Technical Data Sheet

    P47127, is a clear, isophthalic unsaturated polyester resin with medium flexibility and very good chemical resistance. It is suitable for use in pipes and tanks for filament winding and pultrusion.

    P47127 Technical Data Sheet

    1349 TAEQ17 is an blue, orthophthalic, low styrene emission,  pre-accelerated, thixotropic, unsaturated polyester resin  It is suitable for moulds construction applications in hand lay-up and spray up.

    1349 TAEQ17 Technical Data Sheet

    H13223 TAPE is a white pigmented, orthophthalic, low reactivity,  pre-accelerated, thixotropic, reduced styrene emission unsaturated polyester resin  It is suitable for moulds construction applications in spray up processes.

    H13223 TAPE White Resin Technical Data Sheet

    Polimal 143 is a eco resin with low styrene emission and offers a colourful curing indicator system. It is recommended for the manufacturing of relatively thick laminates (to about 5mm) and is suitable for bathtubs, shower trays, tanks and floating equipment using a hand or spray method.

    Polimal 143 Technical Data Sheet

    Polimal 1094 is a constructional, moderately flexible, orthophthalic, thixotropic, low styrene emission, pre-accelerated resin with a colourful curing indicator. It is suitable for the production of laminated as hand lay-up and spray-up suitable for floating equipment, paddling pools and tanks.

    Polimal 1094 Technical Data Sheet

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