Tricel Composites

Important Notice

Concerning Covid-19


In order to prevent the spread of Corona Virus, Tricel Composites (GB/NI) Ltd. has undertaken the following preventive measures as relates to customers, deliveries and other site visitors at the Tricel Composites premises.

All Visitors

  • Please follow government and NHS advice on hygiene standards. Please take note of hygiene procedures and Covid-19 information posted throughout Tricel Composites.
  • If you have recently visited a restricted or infected area (China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Iran, Japan, and Italy – Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna or Piedmont), come into contact with a confirmed case, experiencing symptoms or attended a hospital/healthcare facility where patients with Coronavirus are being treated, please do not come on-site or remain on-site if you are already here. If you are already on-site and the above applies, please inform a member of staff. Alternatively, please contact your Tricel contact by telephone or email.


  • All customers to report to Tricel Composites Office.
  • Customers collecting goods may park in Tricel Composites designated area while they wait for goods
  • Customers and Customer Vehicles are not allowed in the Tricel Composites Warehouse or Yard unless asked to enter
  • Customers must remain in designated areas of Tricel Composites and goods will be brought to them.
  • Customers cannot freely roam around Tricel Composites site, staff shared workplaces and staff dining facilities.
  • Customers are asked to limit contact with Tricel Composites staff to essential personnel only.
  • Where possible, customers are asked to prearrange goods collections with Tricel Composites staff, so goods can be ready for collection. Call Newry on 028 417 53738. Leeds on 0113 270 3133 or alternatively, email [email protected].
  • Please note customers may be waiting longer than normal for collection of goods.


  • All delivery and tanker drivers to report to Tricel Composites Office on arrival
  • Drivers may only bring vehicles on site under supervision from a Tricel Composites member of staff.
  • Where possible, drivers are to remain with their vehicle at all times
  • Drivers cannot freely roam around Tricel Composites site, staff shared work spaces and staff dining facilities.
  • Drivers are asked to limit contact with Tricel Composites staff to essential personnel only.
  • Drivers are not allowed to use toilet facilities located within the Tricel Composites building.

We ask that all visitors abide by these measures to ensure the continued safety of yourself and of Tricel Composites staff.

We are just doing our bit to try and reduce the spread of this virus and we thank you for both your custom and also your co-operation.

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