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Here you will find our more informal pieces on products, processes and thought pieces from Tricel Composites.

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You will find our latest news and press releases here. Find out what is happening in our three Tricel Composites depots, in Southport, Leeds and Newry. We also share wider group news about our other Tricel Companies that may be relevant.

Latest News

Simple Composite Processes

Composite Processes

There are numerous ways to process your composites to achieve your final product. In this article we look at the basics of Hand lay, Spray lay and RTM. Later in this series of articles we will also take an in-depth look at the more advanced methods, autoclaves and fully automated systems and how this can affect your final part.

Our technical sales team are always striving to not just get you the best product, but help you get the most out of your mould processing, using multiple techniques saving you not just on time, but also on costs and wastage where necessary.

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Polyester Resins

How do you make a Polyester Resin?

Polyester resins get produced through a process called polycondensation which is a chemical reaction of polybasic acids and polyhydric alcohols. These resins are typically found in a liquid state and hardened with the addition of a catalyst.

Due to its strength and flexibility, polyester resin is considered a general-purpose resin and seen across the construction, transport and marine industries. It is available as a saturated, or unsaturated resin, the most significant difference being that saturated is a synthetic resin and only contains the benzene ring.

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What Are Natural Composites

What are Natural Composites

The development of high-performance engineering products made from natural resources is increasing year on year. With companies facing the challenges that come with petroleum-based products and the need to find renewable sources – the driving force behind natural composites are based on costs (currently cheaper to manufacture with natural over manufactured composites) weight reduction, and natural composites are easier to recycle.

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Tricel Composites announces partnership with Kisling AG

Tricel Composites announces partnership with Kisling AG

Tricel Composites have announced their latest partnership with Kisling AG to supply its ergo.® range of adhesives and sealants in the UK and Ireland.

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Roofing Frequently Asked Questions

Roofing Frequently Asked Questions

Our Technical Team have answered some of your most frequently asked questions when laying our TriRoof or TriCure GRP Roofing systems. What to do with any issues you run into during and after application of your fibreglass roof. You can also submit your questions to the team and we’ll get add it to our list. Read More

TriRoof becomes first CPD Accredited GRP Roofing Course

TriRoof by Tricel Composites Becomes CPD Accredited

TriRoof GRP Roofing Course has become the first GRP Roofing course to be accredited by the CPD.

Learning how to lay a basic TriRoof GRP Flat roofing System, using our specially formulated TriRoof Products. Trainees will learn the health and safety, storage and handling procedures for the the TriRoof materials. The course will also cover material estimation; costings and commercial considerations. Participants are also given a practical demonstration and will be given the opportunity to laminate a sample roof.

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