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Manufacturers in the transportation industry, such as air, rail and bus, use composite transport materials for multiple reasons, including increased fuel efficiency and the enhancement of interiors. The many benefits of durable and lightweight composites help transport manufacturers to enhance performance and produce light weight, high strength components.

Composite materials are highly versatile and can be used as surface layers, body sections, sandwich elements for walls, roofing, flooring as well as a multitude of internal elements. Such application leads to lighter overall weight resulting in better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions and higher load capacity. By employing composites, it is possible to reduce body weight by up to an estimated 40% when compared to steel and 15% for aluminium.

For the refrigerated transport industry composites have further benefits as they allow for trailers and compartments to be constructed in a manner that greatly reduces the risk of thermal bridging in jointed areas. As fuel prices continue to rise the cost of cooling goods during transportation continues to escalate. By utilising the most efficient materials within a fleet, or even an individual unit, these costs can be reduced.

Furthermore, composites are resistant to a range of chemical agents which includes salt laden environments and acid rain, conditions in which more traditional materials would suffer. This results in reduced maintenance and repair costs. Impact tolerance also helps reduce costs as the material can be reformed following collisions due to shape memory. Other benefits also include the extra safety element due to low electrical conductivity properties and are efficient fire retardants.

Tricel has over 60 years of industry leading experience within the composites sector, and with 12 manufacturing and distribution locations throughout Europe, we supply materials to over 50 countries worldwide.

Our technical sales representatives assist manufacturers to choose the right products for their business and help to build a smarter, more cost efficient, transportation industry.

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