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Whether for the auto industry, construction, marine, sport or transportation, Tricel have the right composite moulding materials for all applications. With over 60 years of industry experience, we stock and supply a vast range of products from Glass Fabric, Chop Strand Mat, Resins, Gelcoats and so much more.

Global demand for composites is rapidly increasing due to their wide range of applications. Continuous innovation has pushed these materials to the technological forefront of today’s industry. Composites offer a unique physical structure and have advantages over traditional materials such as metals or thermoplastics which includes unique design opportunities, inherent structural qualities and impressive production efficiencies.

Composites form incredibly strong products which can be custom tailored to add strength to required high-stress areas of design as well as extremely durable full piece products. These materials are corrosion resistant and ideal for use in more hostile weather environments. Other benefits include the ability to maintain in the face of wide temperature changes, having significant torsional strength, being superior electrical insulators while also having the capability to dissipate the energy of strong vibrations.

Many companies are making the conversion from steel or aluminium components to moulded composites for the production of seating on public transport and automotive body panel structures to manhole covers and fly wheels. Much of this changeover is due to a growing need in many industries to reduce weight while maintaining integrity and strength.

With 12 operating and distribution locations throughout Europe Tricel delivers products and materials to over 50 countries worldwide. We offer unrivalled technical support and insight to ensure our customers receive the best advice and products for their manufacturing needs.

Our industry leading team is standing by to help guide manufacturers as they make decisions about which materials are best for their business and production requirements.

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