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Composite products have been widely used in the marine industry for over 50 years due to their dual high strength and low weight qualities. This makes these materials an ideal choice for the construction of hull shells, shafts, propellers, gratings, offshore structures as well as many more structural marine applications.

Vessels and components are constructed using a variety of techniques, including resin-infusion, hand-lay GRP, thermoplastics, carbon fibre prepreg for high-performance applications and much more. The use of composite materials has revolutionised today’s marine design and manufacturing capabilities.

Composite materials promote improved performance as well as decrease the risk of failure when faced with extreme conditions. For these reasons, they are now becoming extensively used in the construction of marine products…

Recent years have seen an increased demand for large marine vehicles with high speed and durability capabilities which are employed as work boats, leisure craft, passenger and vehicle ferries and even super yachts. For these types of vessels, weight is a very important factor and the decreased component weight results in increased speed and much greater economy.

These benefits also include corrosion resistant properties which make composite materials ideal for use in a salt water environment. This, along with durability, ease of production, material strength to weight ratio all combine to ensure composites continue to play a vital role in an array of marine applications.

Tricel is a major global supplier of resins, gel coats and a full array of composite materials, and with over 60 years’ of highly successful experience in the composites industry. This experience includes manufacturing as well as material distribution. We offer resins to suit every market need and manufacturing process.

Our knowledge of composite technology enables us to deliver unrivalled service in order to help today’s industry continuously evolves materials, manufacturing techniques and designs to make marine vessels and products lighter, stronger, more durable and ultimately more efficient and cost effective.

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