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The ongoing advancement of composites and their array of applications are helping to continually redefine the energy sector. Both traditional energy suppliers and the new emerging players are employing these materials in order to improve efficiency and therefore enable a more widespread use of the latest wind and solar power technologies.

A continuing growth in energy consumption trends means that cost reduction, increased efficiencies and dependability are primary concerns for sustainability. Composite materials are widely utilised for the construction of fly wheels and wind turbine blades as well as many other applications.

Unlike more conventional materials, composites have properties which can be utilised during the design process to create parts tailored for engineering purposes. This includes the possibility of varying the stiffness and thermal expansion qualities of the compounds, and therefore individual parts. Such versatility means that components can be tailored to meet performance requirements and complex design needs.

Materials commonly used for component development in the renewable energy sector include glass fibre, epoxy and polyester or vinyl ester resins. The much sought after low weight to high strength ratio along with low-cost manufacturing and impressive load capacity make composites an ideal material for product development within the industry.

Tricel has over 60 years’ experience in the composites sector and in that time, have built a reputation for industry expertise and dependability. With 12 operating and distribution locations throughout Europe, we deliver to over 50 countries worldwide.

As a leading composite technology company that designs, manufactures and distributes composite products and materials, Tricel has supply capabilities for all requirements. Contact our experienced sales team today to discuss your individual composite needs.

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