Composite Products for the Automotive Industry

Why Composite Products have become important for the Automotive Industry

The combined lightness and high strength of composite materials have long made them an ideal component in the development of automotive constructs (with composite automotive). Parts produced using composites, such as sheet moulding compound (SMC), can result in up to a 30% reduction in weight when compared to traditional steel panels and parts.

A reduction in vehicle weight results in improved fuel economy which is of huge benefit not just for individual vehicle owners, but also results in highly beneficial cost savings when applied to logistical fleets. The use of composite materials helps reduce overall costs through improved performance while simultaneously having the benefit of resulting in lower overall CO2 emissions.

Such benefits have made composite materials particularly suitable for application in the automotive (composite automotive) racing industry, competitive bikes, camper vans, the construction of kit cars, body kits and the lucrative aftermarket sector. Many further applications in the transportation industry include components for refrigerated vehicles, transportation trailers, buses and protective jeep canopies to name but a few.

In recent years there has been a huge uptake in the use of composite materials for the production automotive body panels, semi-structural components as well as smaller parts such as underbody protective shields and many internal elements. Pressure for continuous improvements in fuel economy while maintaining structural integrity means that designers are becoming more reliant on progressive composite materials to achieve these requirements.

With over 60 years of highly successful operations within the composites sector, including both manufacturing and material distribution, Tricel offers unrivalled technical expertise and support. With an extensive stock of products, to suit a wide variety of applications, we provide a complete supply service for all requirements within the composite manufacturing industry.

Tricel stocks a comprehensive range of composite materials and our experts are standing by to help supply any and all of your requirements. Contact us today to discuss any business needs with a member of our team.

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