GRP Roofing

Why Choose a GRP Roof ?

Introduced in the UK around WWII – originally used on boat hulls giving strength and excellent waterproofing. GRP is a system completely impervious to water and has since become one of the UK’s most desired choice for flat roofing.

Unlike Bitumen and Rubber, GRP Roofs last upwards of 25 years, have no seams or joints, so are leak resistant and are suitable for warm roofs, adding in extra insulation. During installation, no torches or flames are used, making a much safer option, which also means a lower cost. GRP Roofs are easy to maintain – often just need a spray with water or sponge and soapy water for stubborn stains, and are available in a huge range of colours to suit every style and taste.

Technological advances in resin production and altering its material properties over the last thirty years have led to the manufacture of resins specially formulated for roofing. GRP roofing started to gain popularity in the mid-eighties and now accounts for between 1-2% of the UK’s roofing market covering millions of square metres of the UK’s roofs.

Tricel Composites offer a range of roofing materials, from 1kg right up to 1000kg and all of our products can be bought individually or as part of a kit.

Below we’re breaking down our product range available for same day dispatch or collection from our Leeds and Newry depots.

What does a GRP Roof Consist of?

GRP is laid on OSB3 T&G boards which allows the resin to soak in, thus bonding together the matting with the boards, making your GRP Roof more secure.

GRP Trims – we offer a range of drip, upstand and fillet trims as well as corners, expansion and specialist trims

Resin – All our TriRoof and TriCure Roofing resins have been speciality formulated for GRP roofing. Flexible to heat yet strong and stable, our TriRoof Roofing Resin is a 100% polyester virgin resin and is Lloyd’s approved.

Topcoat – our TriCure Topcoats are also specially formulated for roofing and offer fantastic coverage in both light grey and dark grey options. Our TriRoof standard topcoat is a dark grey, or you can specify a Fire-retardant topcoat that is fire rated to F.AB standards,

Fibreglass Matting – we offer both 450g and 600g matting suitable for GRP Roofing. We recommend 450g for very light foot traffic (just the occasional window clean for example) and a 600g for more moderate foot traffic. For heavy foot traffic, we would always recommend two layers of 450g matting. 900g matting is available on request, but we find more people prefer the method of laying two layers of 450g. Surface tissue is also available for a premium finish.
For a non-slip finish we offer a range of quartz and grit that is suitable.
We can also offer a range of Tools and Ancillaries to complete your fibreglass roof.

Ready to Fibreglass Your Own Roof?

To complete your own Fibreglass Roof, you can purchase materials in our online shop:

For our TriRoof Guaranteed system – you can buy directly from us, or our UK suppliers – find out more by emailing [email protected]

For our contractors roofing system TriCure – speak to our team on 01132 703 133

Our national trainer Tommy is also available UK wide for training days and support when it comes to GRP Roofing. Tommy specialises in our TriRoof GRP Roofing system which offers a 25-year materials guarantee. Tommy also offers a one-day training course as an introduction to GRP Roofing and can offer support remotely where needed.

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